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Secure software updates for the Internet of ThingsContents



A proposal for a new open source toolkit

It is important that connected devices can be controlled securely, and that the data they hold is protected and can be trusted.

As the barriers to entry for building devices get lower, it is critical that developers have simple options for securing Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is already widely used for web and mobile apps. Although the constraints of connected devices make it hard to fully implement TLS, we think it can still be helpful for improving IoT security.

We recommend the use of a simplified subset of TLS that is tailored to IoT devices, where:

We believe an open source toolkit would help IoT developers implement these suggestions. The toolkit would need to include:

We think these open source tools would be a good step to securing the IoT and ensuring connected devices are safe, and can be trusted.

If you are interested in taking this research further, understanding the opportunities for your company or piloting such a system, get in touch with us [email protected].