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Secure software updates for the Internet of ThingsContents



Related projects


PlatformIO is an open source ecosystem for Internet of Things (IoT) development. It comprises a cross-platform IDE with unified debugger, remote unit testing and firmware updates. is a platform for deploying code to fleets of connected devices.


DevicePilot is a platform for monitoring and managing connected devices at scale.

Open Mobile Alliance Lightweight Machine to Machine

OMA Lightweight M2M is a protocol from the Open Mobile Alliance for M2M or IoT device management.

Nordic Semiconductor Device Firmware Update (DFU)

The Nordic Device Firmware Update (DFU) Service is a proprietary solution allowing users of Nordic Semiconductor devices to perform over-the-air updates.

wolfSSL Embedded SSL/TLS

wolfSSL is an open source implementation of TLS written in C. It is also available under a commercial licence.

STROBE protocol framework for IoT

Strobe is a new framework for cryptographic protocols. Its goals are to make cryptographic protocols much simpler to develop, deploy and analyse - and to fit into even tiny IoT devices.


MIT recently announced they’ve developed a new chip which can perform many cryptographic routines in hardware (rather than software) which improves speed and power efficiency.